The Olive Press (TOP) is the publishing arm of Thinktank, showcasing the fine works of our young writers and publishing high-quality educational resources. It is hoped that these resources will help children hone the craft of writing, lifting their stories from mundane to magical.

Its first two publications, Stories of Suspense and its accompanying Commentary, were launched in 2017.


Stories of Suspense

Stories of Suspense is a compilation of fine works by students who have been through the doors of Thinktank, and whose writing skills have been honed through its guidance. In it are twelve riveting tales centred on the theme of suspense; stories that range from a dark secret to a near plane crash, from a hard-won victory to a disappointing loss, from an uncertain reunion to an unexpected birth. Whether reading for remarkable story ideas or for the love of words, Stories of Suspense raises the bar for other aspiring young writers.

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What makes a story spellbinding and another mundane?

The accompanying Commentary to Stories of Suspense reveals the secret strategies to writing well, which are taught in Thinktank’s Language Arts classes. Each story is annotated in detail, showing how the use of literary devices, sensory details, good sentence beginnings, variation in sentence lengths, and the use of internal dialogue, amongst other strategies, work seamlessly together to make a story outstanding. In addition, each story is accompanied by a critique that dissects the story and fleshes out other factors that make for a gripping read. A must-have in your library of educational resources whether you are a student, educator or parent.

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“Take Flight” Logbook

The world is your oyster and Take Flight your constant travel companion!

Whether you are wandering in the forests of the Amazon, navigating snow-capped mountains, discovering museums or exploring the hidden nooks of cities, make Take Flight your personal journal. Pen down your wonderful travel memories on the lined pages, then personalize your journal with photos and the stickers provided. You can also log your flight details and even get the Captain to sign on the pages. Make Take Flight your own special book of memories!
Add-on features include write-ups about some amazing aviators, a world map and a time zone map. Best of all, there are two pages of travel-themed stickers, customized for boys and girls.

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Enamel Pins

Wear a pun on your lapel and not your heart on your sleeve with Thinktank’s line-up of witty enamel pins. A great trendy gift for children and youth alike, they can be worn as a fashion statement or to jazz up pencil cases or school bags.

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