T H I N K  S M A R T

We inculcate independent thought and critical and interrogative thinking, in order to promote self-driven learning strategies and outcomes among our students. We encourage knowledge gains that are motivated by intelligent and innovative solutions. No answer is too absurd, and no solution too inconceivable, when it comes to our inquisitive and open minded approach to growing thinkers and nurturing the global citizens of tomorrow.


T E A C H  T O  I N S P I R E

We, the Thinktank educators, seek to energies and engage students in the classroom and beyond. We believe in pedagogies and methodologies that are tried and tested by years of extensive cognitive and emotional research. The result? A refined, sensorial and motivational classroom environment that aims to bring out the best in our students, wherever they may find themselves on the ladder of progress and achievement.


T A L E N T  G R O W T H

We highly value our students' skills and unique interests, encouraging them to develop a personal voice and individual portfolio of learning milestones, goals and achievements. Each student is different and presents with distinct sensibilities and socio-cultural competencies. Drawing upon existing abilities and specific developmental/learning exigencies, we embolden learners in their journey to explore, discover and ultimately actuate their aptitude.